Embrace your Mortality

       Embrace your LIFE   

How we relate to our mortality in our day and culture

This is an enormously important subject: 

  • What factors of society keep us stuck in an approach to “it” that hurts us?
  • What do we need to do individually in order to learn how to die with dignity and without fear? 
  • There is not a word that can describe “death” because our minds are not able to compute the concept of death and dying, so the word gets lost and it conveys an obscure, frightening and incorrect notion of “it”
  • We can lose our fear of death, and if we do, we will live more fully.  Life and death are far more the same thing than we can imagine
  • It has taken me several years to significantly tone down the notions about “death” that I learned from my family, parents and society
  • Most of our learning is achieved by discarding our wrong ideas about a matter.


3 Key Points from the video:

o  We celebrate births and pregnancies but seem to think it is rational that we think there is something awfully wrong when someone dies. How do we reconcile this insanity?  Passing from this body is as natural as coming into it. 

o  The impulse to take the leap does not come from our ego; it comes from the truth within us, not from the strategic level of mind’s thought. It is almost never too late. 

o  Your decision to take the leap will make some people in your life uncomfortable and perhaps even worried. This is normal if they didn’t take the leaps they needed and wanted in their lives.  They may even resent you… and that is alright. 


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