Rebellion is misunderstood and underrated 

There never was a significant contributor to the world who did not rebel against the status quo fiercely

An advantage of things being really bad, is that it becomes very clear to you that you have to rebel against them, (because they aren't acceptable). If things are not good for you, but they are not intolerable, then you may fiddle your life away in chronic discontent, never reaching the valuable "I've-had-enough-of-this" momentum that gets us finally into action. 

NOTE: Manipulators take advantage of this and are sure to make things confusing by introducing "good behaviors" along with the bad ones.  In this way, a person stuck with them is too confused to take any action.  The longer this dynamic goes on, the weaker the person becomes and the more deeply rooted the dynamic is.

In this video I discuss our need to grow into rebels when our freedom to be who are truly are is stolen or threatened. 

Are you free to think your own thoughts?  I wasn't.  And when I started to discern things, I was viewed as dangerous because I no longer was fitting into the system of thought that I was supposed to accept without question.  

It took me a long time to get to the discerning part, but once I discerned that the ideas imposed on me were contrary to my understanding of what God is, it was not long before I took action, and it was an action that was very bold and, in a way, "insane"; --yet the sanest.  

Why did I do what was, in a way, insane? Because I had zero chances of survival living a lie.  I told myself, (literally and audibly), "you have one chance in a hundred to make it out in the real world, but you have zero in this mental, emotional and spiritual straight-jacket".  So I did what I had to do.  It took extraordinary planning and care.  

I have true respect for the term "rebel".  Being a rebel is not being deviant, or trying to be different in external ways to assert our right to look ridiculous; there are a lot of those, and they make no difference in their lives or anybody else's.  

True rebels:

  • Ghandi
  • Jesus
  • Buddha
  • Steve Jobs
  • Rosa Parks
  • Luther (1542)
  • Martin Luther (1963)
  • ... you get the picture.  

Authentic Rebellion is done intelligently, and it deserves and commands respect.  

Rebellion is imperative when there are conditions that repress our basic need and right of freedom to become what we were born to become.  


3 Key Points from the video:

o  God is a God of free choice; perhaps this is why Jesus was a rebel.  All the great ones have been rebels.  

o  Our basic right is to be our innermost truth which is always in accordance to what is good and collaborative with the whole.  This doesn't refer to "rights" that injure or offend another, but freedom to express our highest self. 

o  Rebelling is an act of truth and courage; it can be most empowering, and it must be done, not carelessly, but intelligently. 


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