The exclusive pursuit of happiness is risky, even potentially dangerous.

Happiness is finicky and temperamental; one day you have it, and the next you don’t. 

We live in a society that worships happiness, --or the appearance of it, and has the culture that we will stop at nothing to get it, even assaulting other people to get pleasure and... “happiness”?

Surely we can see that this attitude needs revision. 

Self-help books are not enough; we need to gain a basic understanding of the science of happiness, (I touch on some of it here and in my article)


  • How much of our happiness do you think comes from external factors? (ALL external factors count, including the yatchs and the successful acting careers)...10%! A meager 10% of the entire happiness ratio is accounted for by external factors! The ones we get bombarded about by the industry of advertising.
  • (They know us far better than we know ourselves 😢). 
  • Someone who has suffered a terrible blow, (the death of a loved one, loss of a job, a limb, a house, divorce, etc.), and a person who has walked into a great fortune, (big lottery win, great vacation, promotion, etc.), will be no more and no less happy than they were before the event after 3 weeks to 3 months have passed. (This is called "hedonic treadmill" and it refers to our capacity for adaptation to circumstances). 
  • Roughly 50% of our happiness baseline is hereditary, and,
  • The good news is that about 40% of our happiness comes from the feelings we get when we engage sustained, intention-full activities that feed our sense of self, meaning and purpose

It is hard to raise our happiness level; it takes knowing ourselves enough to know what we want; who are are; and then the discipline and deliberate sustained actions that edify that inner being.

Big Players in our Happiness

  • Good relationships
  • Serving Others
  • Giving, forgiving
  • Moving in the direction that feels right

          In this video I discuss all these things and more. 

3 Key Points from the video:

o  Our pursuit of happiness is not the most virtuous pursuit we can have, by far. Seek usefulness above happiness and happiness will be yours. 

o  We let the advertising industry manipulate and lie to us about what we truly want. 

o  We need to understand ourselves better, (and some of the science of happiness), in order to know how to go about experiencing more happiness and life satisfaction. 


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