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Embrace Mortality Embrace Life

     Embrace your Mortality        Embrace your LIFE    ​ How we relate to our mortality in our day and culture ​ This is an enormously important subject:  What factors of society keep us stuck in an approach to “it” that hurts us? What do we need to do individually in order […]

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Ode to the Decent Man

ODE TO THE DECENT MENYou are out thereThe Truth Often Hurts, But it Always Serves us Better Than Anything ElseSo, in a time when the news are often dominated by yet another big shot who has fallen to disgrace for having been abusive to women and kept it a secret for decades, it is also […]

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6. Courageous New Year!

Courageous New Year 2018! More Than “Happiness”, May The New Year Bring You Closer To Your TruthWe all want to be happy, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But pursuing happiness directly does not work.  For many of us, before happiness, we need courage to take the steps that take us closer to knowing ourselves, […]

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