"How are you?"  People ask, and one of the common answers is: "hanging in there".

But is "hanging in there" the wise thing to do in every situation? Of course not.  There is a time to hang on, and there is a time to let go. 

In this video I talk about what can help us distinguish which one we should do when.  Our bodies know. 

Do you know how to 

connect with your body

to look for what is true

for you?

In this video I discuss briefly the importance of "checking with the body" to see what information it gives you as it relates to hanging on to a situation or letting go of it. 


Here are 3 main key points from the video:

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    Relationships are one thing to always keep an eye on. Much the way you look after a garden where you go ready to fertilize some plants and ready to pull off weeds. 
  • check
    The main reason that we don't let go of a situation that clearly needs to be let go, is that we are scared.  Fear is almost always the reason why we stay stuck. Is there need for fear?  Almost never.  
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    Our growth through life is a series of letting go and hanging on.  If we do these two actions in accordance to the guidance we receive from the wisdom of our bodies, we will live more fulfilling and free lives.

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