More than a "Happy" New Year, I wish you a "Courageous" New Year

In this video I talk about one of my favorite subjects in the world:


from our deep sleep


I discuss that one of the main features of waking up is abandoning the idea that we have to know everything. (Or that we can). In reality, the more we recognize that we don't know, the closer we are to knowing something. And there are things that we will never know in this life, and that is perfect.  


Here are 3 main key points from the video:

  • We think that we are awake even when we aren't just because we follow a system of beliefs or a tradition

  • Only deliberate attention to a persisting appetite for "something else" can lead us to awaken

  • True philosophy allows for a "fellowship" of the realistic "we-don't-know-and-we-know-it" kind, rather than the delusion of "we know it all and are better than everyone else".

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