Few people wake up

Our lives are not about the things we once thought were so important

In this video I talk about one of my favorite subjects in the world: 


Here I discuss some of the ways we can tell that we have not awakened yet.  Our minds try to convince us that "of course we are awake and know everything there is to know, and don't bother me". 

However, one of the most liberating aspects of waking up is leaving the idea that we know, --or have to know everything.  

The more we recognize that we don't know, the closer we are to knowing something. 

Solomon said in Proverbs that "the rod would drive away the foolishness of the child", meaning that, if you spank a child enough, he will stop being foolish.  I disagree; emphatically.

First of all, spanking children is often a sign of lack of discipline and restrain in the part of the parent; secondly, it fosters anger and fear in the child; thirdly, foolishness is not driven away by anything external, only by an internal and voluntary choice to grow up and to leave "childish things". 

In order to wake up, (from our sleep and foolishness), we must engage in a deliberate path of growth; it is a getting off the horse of delusion and becoming as children and students of life, so we can truly utilize our experiences and learn. 

3 Key Points from the video:

o  Following a structured set of beliefs (usually handed down), is more likely to mean that we have not awakened; especially if the system teaches us that we are more awake than everyone else.

o  We can pursue and achieve our awakening, but not our enlightenment. 

o  Awakening brings us into greater harmony with the whole of nature and closer to our individual and our collective truth.


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