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The Truth Often Hurts, But it Always Serves us Better Than Anything Else

So, in a time when the news are often dominated by yet another big shot who has fallen to disgrace for having been abusive to women and kept it a secret for decades, it is also good to remember the good and decent men out there.  

It isn't all men who are abusive creeps; for every one who is, there are hundreds who aren't.  

In my article, and very briefly in the video, I discuss some of the research that shows some differences in men and women's behavior.  

While in some ways we are the same, and want the same things, in other ways we are very different; and in order to understand each other better we need to educate ourselves in what it means to be a man, and for men, what it means to be a woman.  It is time. 

This is an age-old dilemma and challenge, and we can't give up the task of knowing and understanding each other better.  

I am not alone in my outrage and deep disappointment that our schools' curricula don't include psychology and philosophy to give our young a chance to get a grip of what we are dealing with.  

Understanding at least some of the basic principles of our humanity is, in my view, far more important than knowing algebra.  

Without an understanding of where our humanity's weaknesses are, we are bound to fall victims to those weaknesses over and over. 

In this video I discuss the need for a NEW CONVERSATION.  This is a new era and much good can come out of the pain and oppression that has been suffered, but we must come forward with truly open hearts; not with anger, but with willingness to do better: all of us in different ways. 

I know that you men suffer too; I want to understand you better; it will do us all good if we all do that. 

3 Key Points from the video:

o  Even though there are men who are despicable and do despicable things, the majority are decent.  This is to acknowledge and thank them for doing the right thing and not misusing their strength. 

o  A new era is dawning, and we need to have a NEW CONVERSATION to lead our collective growth in mutual understanding.  This ongoing  conversation must be between men and women who have healed and are not angry or resentful towards the other, but understand the immense value that each sex brings to the table. 

o  Men suffer.  Women suffer.  We can do better.  We must start the conversation.  


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