When should we hang on, and when should we let go? 

We often respond "hanging in there" when we are asked how we are doing.  But if we think about it... is that what we really want to be always doing? Just hanging in there from the last branch?  How do we know when we should be Letting Go?  

We have two entities inside our minds, and one of them really just wants what is most familiar, even if it's bad.  The other part of us wants to evolve, grow, expand, explore, learn, discover, take risks, become. These two are in conflict.  They both speak, and one talks louder than the other.  

In this video I talk about how fear keeps us from seeing things for what they are, and it also keeps our minds cluttered, a state in which it is very difficult to act courageously and decisively. 

I discuss briefly the value of "checking with the body", looking for what our truth is. The body knows; the mind only thinks it knows.  


3 Key Points from the video:

o  Relationships need to have a good foundation so they allow and even encourage our growth and development.  Many relationships are formed on poor foundations; these seldom encourage our growth as we are caught up on the maintenance of the relationship and perhaps the drama.

o  Fear is the reason we almost always hang on to a situation that we need to let go.   

o  Our growth in life, (if we do grow; --it is not automatic), is a series of actions of letting go.  

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